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Embrace the unknown

Embrace the unknown


 Ambiguity & Change

I, like many of us generally like to know the expected outcome to what will happen next. Will I succeed? Will I have a rested sleep? Will my travel plans come together? As much as I try to control the variables to the outcomes, life just doesn't work that way. 

The logical side knows this, yet we often strive, rebel and resist the reality of this truth. We feel overwhelmed, anxious, worried and continue to ask the same questions over and over - is this going to happen? When will it happen? Will it all work out? 

This thought process is certainly one that I know well! - and is definitely one of the more 'sticky' thought process/patterns.

It can be really difficult to know exactly how to surrender, accept and let go. Some of the tools that I, and people I work with have found helpful are listed below... 

Explore the root cause

Often our uncertainty arises out of fear or concern. It can be helpful from time to time to explore this further by journalling or mind mapping. Sometimes after we have explore a few of our concerns or worries we notice a pattern. Often it's an unconscious story that we buy into regularly. Once we are aware of the underlying root causes, we can begin to observe and take steps to release the stickiness that holds us in this pattern. 

Pause for a moment

Now this can be a tricky one... Especially when you are feeling in that overwhelming flutter of thoughts and questions. We often hear people say things like - take a deep breathe or just relax. Sometimes this in itself can feel frustrating. Often I would find it easier to think of this as a pause or a circuit breaker. 

If we think of our thoughts and patterns as if they were automatic - like switching on or off a light then we can see how easy it is to delve into the process of thought without thinking twice. Of we become so used to a process that we don't realise that we are there until we are in the thick of it. When we notice that this is occurring we then have the ability to do something about it - even if it is only a momentary pause we are breaking the usual current within that action and therefore build our awareness and disrupt the pattern each time we do this. 

Create time and space for yourself

This is an important one (and something I will likely talk about a lot :) ). We often find it so much easier to make time for other people yet struggle to put 5mins in the day aside for ourselves. We fill our lives with busy-ness, social media, work, jobs etc and rarely take time out. The easiest way to start integrating this into our lives is by implementing something small, like awareness and mindfulness in a regular activity. This could be drinking a cup of tea, listening to music on the commute to or from work or placing your phone in the other room or off for an hour. 

I hope these ideas are helpful and that perhaps you allow yourself some time today to enjoy a mini break. Any other thoughts or ideas please post. 

*just as a reminder anything that you do post is public. Therefore it is important that to ensure that your are feeling ok to do so. 



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