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Inside Out vs Outside In


A few weeks ago now someone said something that really resinated for me. The conversation that we were having was based around self-compassion/self-care. We were discussing how this can be a really challenging thing to engage in, as we often fall into the trap of listening to our inner critic which often puts negative pressure on ourselves.

We then explored what it might look like if we were to engage in self compassion and one of the key aspects that was discovered through this exploration was that it is a lot easier to show this compassion from the outside in rather than the inside out. What I mean by that is this... 

Outside In...

Doing something nice for ourselves; Spending time with people we care about, having a massage, getting our hair or nails done, doing something that changes our appearance

Inside Out.. 

Self talk; creating awareness of negative self-talk and put downs and changing these to something more positive, mindfulness and meditation, taking time out for ourselves

I am sure that there are some cross overs in that when we do something nice for ourselves on the outside it helps us to feel better on the inside however it would seem that until we acknowledge the importance of taking care of ourselves on the inside there is not a lot of lasting change. 

I often wonder why it is that the majority of us are so incredibly hard on ourselves. So much so that we often make ourselves sick or stress. I am curious to find out anyone else's thoughts around this?*

I guess from my own personal experiences and perspective this is something that I continually work on.  One of the easiest methods is to implement self compassion and kindness is to act as the observer in a judgemental way, remind myself to take one step at a time and aim to create a little breathing space for myself each day e.g sitting with a cup of tea, listening to music etc. 


*Please only share if it is something that you feel comfortable in doing... Thanks Amy 



Embrace the unknown

Embrace the unknown

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