Body Mind Yoga 

- for early intervention and prevention of eating issues and body image concerns.

Yoga has many benefits. By connecting with our bodies and minds we can start to release stored emotions and blockages, build resilience, gain healthy emotional regulation tools  and increase abilities to focus, reduces stress and keep calm. 

Why is Body Mind Yoga for Teens Different?

The Body Mind Yoga for Kids program has been developed by a fully qualified school teacher, yoga teacher and counsellor to incorporate developmental psychology, yoga, mindfulness and teaching and learning skills to nurture healthy emotional regulation, reduce stress and have healthy relationships with the self and the body. 

Classes a conducted in a safe, non-competitive nurturing environment.

Whats in it for Adults?

Bodymindco incorporates skills and knowledge from counselling practices, working in various environments as well as experience and knowledge of yoga, to help individuals connect with their bodies, release what is no longer serving and to reduce the strong holds that the inner critic often has over us. 


Mondays & Thursdays @ Manic Organic Whole foods - Woonona

Adults Yoga - 9:30am to 10:30am Friday Mornings ($15 per class)

Teen Yoga -  5:15pm to 6pm


45minute Classes = $140 for 9 week Term - Teens

DROP IN AVAILABLE @ $22 per class