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. Yoga Coaching . Lifestyle, Health & Wellness Support


Learning to accept yourself and your body can be one of the toughest things to work through.

I offer one on one Yoga Coaching as well as Lifestyle Health & Wellness support that specifically focusses on supporting you through what life throws your way.

Supporting you to connect with the body, breath and mind.

One on One Yoga Coaching Sessions

I have limited spaces to work with individuals who are wanting to deepen their yoga practice, connect with their truth or uncover deeper meaning. Sessions are mostly held outside in a Green Spaces (e.g  park or beach) or if you are not in my area then via Skype.

Lifestyle, Health & Wellness Support

These sessions combine elements of yoga, coaching and counselling to help you to connect in with what you want from life. 

Currently Bodymindco runs a Nurture, Nourish, Shine Package, which includes 3 x hour sessions, questionnaires and reflective writing exercises to support body and mind. 

Session One - Nurture

  • Pre-Session questionnaire 
  • Focus on uncovering some of the patterns, behaviours and habits that are not currently serving you 
  • Creating Opportunities for Nurturing 
  • Post-session reflections 

Session Two - Nourish

  • Reflection and Discussion of previous session 
  • An individualised one on one hour yoga session 
  • Post-session reflections 

Session Three - Shine

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  •  Explore and discuss what you want more of in your life 
  • Setting up a daily practice