'Our Bodies are Amazing... We often marvel at the beauty of the sun, moon, landscapes, flowers and so on, but rarely do we marvel and appreciate the amazing functioning of the human body is. 

If you are caught up in the ideas of how the body should be then you will be in misery... 

The body already is as it should be. We are lucky to be given this body.

Once we start to LOVE ourselves and LOVE our bodies we will start to notice the body will change. 

In order to show CREATIVITY, LOVE and COMPASSION to others in our lives, we must first learn to love ourselves to the core of our being.'  

- Conversations with Swami, Nepal 2013


Face-to-Face Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Self-esteem and Disordered Eating can be complex and multi-layered. Body Mind Connection aims to provide a holistic multi-disciplinary approach that is in line with the Australian and New Zealand  Journal of Psychiatry - clinical practice guideline and treatment for Eating Disorders in order to provide person-centred, recovery-oriented counselling & psychotherapy. 

These sessions are aimed at working with individuals in meeting people where they are at, by working collaborative to begin to work on patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you in your life. For more information on Fees and Packages please contact us. 

Online Support & Community Outreach

In order to provide services to areas that do not have accessed to experienced services for Eating Disorders options of Skype, phone and email support can be explored. In addition there may be some opportunities to provide community out-reach along the south coast. If you would like any additional information please contact us

Group Sessions, Body-Mind Yoga & Upcoming Events

For information on upcoming events and group session please stay connected with us via Facebook and Social Media or contact us.

Resources & Additional Information


 'The 8 Keys to Recovery From and Eating Disorder '  - Carolyn Costin & Gwen Schubert Grabb

'Your Dieting Daughter' - Carolyn Costin

'If Not Dieting The What' - Rick Kausman

'Calm Eating' - Rick Kausman

Find Your Happetite - Sue Zbornik

'The Happiness Trap' - Russ Harris

'Skills Based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder' - Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith and Anna Crane

' Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself' - Kristin Neff

' When Things Falls Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times' - Pema Chodron

'The Places that Scare You: a guide to fearlessness' -  Pema Chodron

For additional information please see the links below