It can be a real challenge to reach out for help and support. I hold so much respect and appreciation for my clients and there ability to show up, allow vulnerability share their stories and experiences.

Counselling sessions are held via SKYPE meaning that you have can be in the comfort of your own space at a time that is convenient for you. 

I do NOT believe that any of us are 'broken' or 'needs fixing', rather that there are times in our lives that we all need support to help in processing, understanding and developing new tools and strategies, so that we can support the true self encourage balance, strength and wellbeing. 


Counselling Sessions

All Sessions Run for 50mins via Skype

For Teens 

With growing pressures that exist in today's world, influences of social media, confusing messages and the stress of busy lives, school and pressures to find our place in the world, it is important for teens to get the support, guidance and learn how to regulate emotions, reduce anxiety and to have positive relationships with their selves and their bodies.

Sessions available via Skype and Face to Face


Perhaps you are about to journey into parenthood or are feeling ready to release something that has been holding you back.?

Counselling sessions help us to work on a deeper level to bring a sense of clarity, grounding and confidence back into our lives. Sessions are run with the you as the first priority and Body Mind Counselling is committed to meeting you where you are at. 

Sessions are holistic, meaning that we won't just look at things as an 'illness' or a 'problem' but focus on YOU as a whole person. 

Sessions are available via Skype or Face to Face

For Parents & Carers

Being a parent or carer can be a tough job. A common concern, that often arises is that parents feel concerned about what messages, patterns and habits they are passing on to their children.  

Body Mind Co works with parents in a handful of ways. Whether parents want to work on some of their own existing patterns to minimise these being passed on to their kids, support for caring for their loved one or learning to put healthy boundaries in place to better support their families Body Mind Counselling works with you to support your needs.